Youth BJJ in South Chesapeake

Grow Confidence, Make Friends, and Learn Exciting Techniques with Youth BJJ

The best time to gain the benefits offered by Jiu Jitsu training is at a young age. That's why Gustavo Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Chesapeake has created a highly-organized and multi-leveled Youth BJJ program for kids all over South Chesapeake! In our Youth BJJ courses, kids will not only learn varying levels of BJJ training, but they will also make friends and have fun!

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What Are The Benefits of Our Youth BJJ Program?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers a wide variety of benefits beyond simply teaching strikes and grappling. Especially for our younger students, BJJ teaches:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Discipline
  • Focus
  • Awareness
  • Self-Esteem
  • Respect
And many other invaluable lessons. In our Youth BJJ training, our academy focuses on building character alongside strength and skill, so that our graduates may go on to become successful not just on the mat, but also in their schooling and daily lives.

What Can I Expect From The Youth BJJ Program?

Our Youth BJJ courses are tiered based on the age group and level of training of our students.

Introductory BJJ (Ages 3.5-5)

Our Introductory BJJ course is the youngest group offered, and focuses primarily on the aspects of competition related to a positive temperament and a healthy attitude. In this course, we focus on teaching listening skills, good sportsmanship, and basic movements and techniques. This course seeks to prime our young students to the rules and conventions of BJJ, and build a positive mentality towards competition. The main goal of this course is for kids to build positive behaviors and, most importantly, have fun!

Youth Fundamentals (Ages 5-7)

Youth Fundamentals further expands on the techniques taught in our Introductory BJJ course. While the focus remains on instilling positivity and discipline in a competitive atmosphere, the movements taught will become more in-depth and advanced, and more athletic activities will be included to keep our students active and excited! 

Youth BJJ (Ages 7-12)

This is the pinnacle of our Youth BJJ program. In this course, students will be formally introduced to competition-level techniques and frequent partner drills. At this level, sparring is much more common and the focus begins to shift toward building a repertoire of effective, sport-based maneuvers for use in further BJJ training. As always, however, our primary goal is to build character and community among our students!

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Our Youth BJJ courses stand out as some of South Chesapeake's best youth programs! Help your child grow as a person and as a martial artist with our exciting activities, friendly staff, and long-standing community of BJJ practitioners!

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