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  • 2022 IBJJ Austin Summer Gi & No Gi Open

    2022 IBJJ Austin Summer Gi & No Gi Open

    Amazing weekend for our team! Professor Greg, Joe, and Hamoudi travelled to Austin, TX to compete this weekend at the IBJJF Austin Open. All three competed between 2 days, each showing amazing growth and progression as competitors. Hamoudi had the performance of the weekend. He placed in three divisions: 1st in Nog Gi for his weight class, 3rd in Gi for his weight class, and 3rd in Gi for the open weight division. He showed amazing technical ability, tremendous heart, and mental fortitude.. This was his first gold medal at the international and we are all very proud of him. We are all very proud of him! Professor Greg finished this weekend with a silver in Gi for his weight class ....

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  • 2022 IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open

    2022 IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open

    On February 12th 2022 Gustavo Machado Chesapeake took part in the IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open. Students Rob M. and Joe P. competed alongside Greg Walker. In the face of tough competition, all three showed tremendous heart, skill, and determination. This is an international event hosting athletes from all over the world. The Atlanta area is well known for it's tough competition, and brings skilled fighters from all over the world. As a whole our International Affiliation RING placed 4th overall. Greg Walker finished in 1st place in the Black Belt Master 1 Middle Weight Category and Rob M. took second place in the Purple Belt Master 1 Light weight category. We are extremely proud of the ....

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  • A Mom’s Take on Managing Training With, Well, Everything.

    I was standing in my kitchen on a Sunday morning, about to pour a cup of coffee, when I looked over at my six and eight year old daughters. The eldest was slumped over the kitchen table, wobbly head barely resting on an unbalanced upright arm, and her face held the type of dejection that you’d expect to see on an adult who forgot, for the second week in a row, that yesterday was trash day. (Been there.) “What’s wrong kiddo?” I asked. “Mom,” she said, “I don’t wanna go back to school tomorrow. I’m tired, and sometimes school is just TOO MUCH.” I’ve become used to these types of adultish quips from her, and so I stifled ....

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  • What do the belt colors mean?

    What do belt colors mean in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brazilian Jiu Jitsu like most martial arts have a belt system. Wishing that system are ranking structures for youth and adults. For this article I will be referring to the Adult belts. The adult belts are as follows: white, blue, purple, brown, and black. This structure seems simple enough, everyone starts at white belt and works their way to the rank of black belt. However the journey from white to black is a an arduous journey filled with many ups and downs. Today we will focus on each belt level and how they apply to the person training. And what they can expect to focus on at each belt. White belt
    - Most definitely the most ....

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  • Types of training partners

    Happy New Year! How to utilize the different training partners in your academy. When first starting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it will seem like every training partner you have can impose their will. However as we progress you will start to find three different types of people you roll with in regards to skill. It is important to take advantage of and roll with each one of them. There are also specific things to keep in mind while rolling with each in order to get the most out of that session with them. This can help you progress much faster than normal. At white belt we feel like all that ever happens is we get smashed by the more experienced training partners during sparring. ....

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  • Common BJJ Terms

    Merry Christmas! If you have not already noticed, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and grappling as a whole has some uncommonly used words. I would like to take time to go into some of the meaning behind some of these words. Unfortunately, we will not be covering every single one, but more of an over view. When referring to the place you train and your instructor most people think “dojo” and “sensei”. However in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where we train is called an “academy”, and your head instructor or black belt is called “professor”. If a brown belt or below is running class, than the proper term for them is “coach”. From my ....

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  • Cleanliness and Jiu Jitsu Part 2

    Welcome back! If you read last week, we discussed the importance of washing our uniform. Today, we will discuss the importance of cleaning not only our bodies, but the mat surface in which we train. The human body is host to a lot of micro organisms and bacteria. Some are more harmful than others. Being proactive about cleaning ourselves before training can help inhibit the transfer of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. There are a few easily transmittable bacteria and fungi that can lead to skin infections. Staphylococcus (Staph) and Tinea (Ringworm) are some of the most common to be found in the grappling realm. Each of us are carriers for these, and when brought into close contact ....

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  • Cleanliness and Jiu Jitsu Part 1

    If you are not familiar with Jiu Jitsu, then I will tell you it is a very close contact activity. You will have a lot of barriers crossed once you begin training. Your “bubble” or more commonly known as “personal space” will be invaded very frequently. This means hygiene must be at the top of your priority list. Life before Jui Jitsu may include laundry once or maybe even twice a week. However, after you have begun grappling training, laundry can turn into an everyday affair depending on how much you train. This is not said to scare you, but it is a mere warning. Be prepared to utilize your washer a lot more than you are currently. Having a clean uniform and ....

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