2022 IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open

2022 IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open

On February 12th 2022 Gustavo Machado Chesapeake took part in the IBJJF Atlanta Winter Open.  Students Rob M. and Joe P. competed alongside Greg Walker.  In the face of tough competition, all three showed tremendous heart, skill, and determination.  This is an international event hosting athletes from all over the world.  The Atlanta area is well known for it's tough competition, and brings skilled fighters from all over the world.  As a whole our International Affiliation RING placed 4th overall.


Greg Walker finished in 1st place in the Black Belt Master 1 Middle Weight Category and Rob M. took second place in the Purple Belt Master 1 Light weight category.  We are extremely proud of the performance of all of our athletes.  We believe competition is the best testing ground for our advancement of jiu jitsu not only on a technical level, but as an athlete as well.  This was a great tournament to start 2022 strong.  And we have upcoming events with more students competing.  Please send a congrats to these individuals for their performance, and we look forward to many more tournaments this year.


Check out Greg Walker's finals match on the video link https://youtu.be/Z6fNnprNDU0

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